City tours

Be guided to the most important places in the city of Cartagena


Also known as “Puerta del reloj” or “Boca del puente”, it is one of the most striking works of the Spanish colonial era, built in 1631, it was and still is the main entrance to the walked city.


As its name indicates, it is the center of the city of Cartagena, full of different colors, and buildings that preserve its historical and cultural value, made up of three neighborhoods: San Pedro, San Diego and Getsemaní.


A masterpiece of architecture in the Spanish colonial era and the main tourist spot in the city of Cartagena, its real name is Fort San Felipe de Barajas, it was built in 1657 and serve as the main defense. Enter the castle and walk through its well-preserved corridors.


One of the main areas of the city with great real estate development, full of skyscrapers, enjoys its beautiful beaches and the winds that whip all day. It has good views and hundreds of places to visit.


Enjoy our wide gastronomy with multiples smells and flavours. The restaurants are everywhere, delight yourself with the best dishes of the colombian Caribbean Coast.


Cartagena has endless bars to visit at any time of the day, have fun in company or on your own, taste incredible cocktails and drinks of all kinds.